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HASDRUBAL THALASSA & Spa Djerba... 5 stars last paradise on Earth,

the island of Djerba is a place where it is good to live especially at the hotel

The island of Djerba, is a real paradise, a place where it is good to live and in particular at the hotel HASDRUBAL THALASSA & Spa, whose cozy comfort, oriental architecture immerse you instantly in another universe: arcades, moucharabiehs, Fountains and colonnades extend into the gardens and pools that border a huge white sand beach. It is the ideal stopover for those who want to recharge their batteries in a world dedicated to well-being.

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Clients' Feedbacks

Martine L
"The Hasdrubal again and again" 4th stay in this superb establishment and our pleasure is always intact. It is only the pleasure to find the staff very attentive, the famous evening of the director in order to enjoy a good time between accustomed to this superb establishment. Kitchen always on top, restaurant of the beach offering a magnificent view in height on the sea turquoise color and impeccable gardens. Two weeks of absolute rest short of happiness. Continue and very soon for a Thalasso in March 2015...
"High-end!" Second stay, at the same time of year (mid-October) at the Hasdrubal Thalasa in Djerba (not to be confused with the Hasdrubal Prestige, a few hundred meters, pretentious and sinister). Perfect for the reception, the cleanliness, the calm, the sober elegance, the kitchen, the thalasso treatments, and perhaps better than a year ago. The clientele at this season: mostly French and Swiss, then German and Tunisian; Practically no British a 5 star really nice.
"Very satisfied" third stay, still in October. Since last year, I have to say that there has been a significant improvement. Very good breakfast, clean and spacious room with large beds. The staff and the spa treatments are perfect. We ate very well with a decent buffet before meals and a very hearty dessert buffet. The service was back to its level. A big plus: we were able to have our breakfast at 04:30 as we had to arrive early to the airport.
Gilles B.
"Garden of Eden" Everything is wonderful, from the reception to the quality of the rooms, through the garden and the excellent meals served. The staff of all ranks always have an attention to us and all requests are completed within minutes. Only regret, no elevator serves the floor of one of the wings. The Thalassotherapy centre is particularly welcoming and efficient